The tournaments have certainly played a large role in the continued development of the game growing opportunity to win numerous awards, including some cash, and the attraction of the competition “face to face” has released backgammon private clubs, reserved for an elite, to throw in competitions mythical. Players and spectators crowded into these tournaments, attracted by the feeling, the excitement and spectacle that the game provides. Party Bingo

Backgammon is well suited to tournament play with, respecting the speed of its parts. The fact that the game is so variable led to the creation of very large tournaments, some of which are even hundreds of members.

The present section aims to show you the timing and organization of these tournaments.
The elimination tournaments

By elimination tournaments are perfect for competition 16, 32, 64, 96, 128, 192 or 256 players, just like in tennis, squash or golf, but better to have fewer players too.

The classified for the first few laps (a bit like tennis seedings) will be the best players, or at least those who have a good reputation. The distribution of players is made either arbitrarily or by classification. If a player wins, he plays the next round and so on until the winner of the first part of the picture than meets the second part in the final.

Matches must be a number of games set in advance to determine the winner. In subsequent rounds, the number of games per match increases. For example, a first-round match can be played 5 games (the winner must win three out of five) while in the final, he played rather 7 or 9 points. You should also know that the doubling cube is almost always used in tournaments. Party Poker Bonus code