The difference is between the knockout tournaments and eliminating those “double”. This means in short: you are eliminated if you lose once or twice. As the name suggests, in knockout tournaments, only the winner going to play while his opponent is eliminated. In a double elimination tournament, the competition is not as straightforward as you can, in theory, still win the tournament even if you lose a game. The game takes place so that the winners of first round play against other winners, while losers compete among themselves. This continues until the final where the winner of the category winners (who has not lost the match) meets the winner of the losers (who has lost once).

Generally, the winner of the losers must beat his rival twice to earn the tournament. Party Rakeback

To better understand the unfolding of such a tournament played during an afternoon or evening, and that includes 64 players, you must remember these tips:

* The duration of a game of backgammon is on average between 6 to 8 minutes depending on time constraints, a well organized tournament should take something like three to four hours.
* A time limit is required, say 45 minutes. If, after this delay, the game is still unfolding, the winner is determined by a dice roll. Most players will therefore be possible to avoid this scenario and play quickly.
* For a tournament level, it is recommended that the first rounds are played in 5 points, and the semifinals and the final 7 or 9 points. Party Poker Bonus code