Pool tournaments

This kind of tournament competition is best for small size and can be played by any number of players. Generally, a player must meet, turn all these opponents in a short match (3 points, for example). Player names and numbers of points are recorded on a chart visible to all, and the player with the most points is declared the winner. In these tournaments, the cube is very little used.

The tournament play is being taken more seriously. Players must remember that the Backgammon is social game where fair play must be honored. A list summarizing the tournament rules must be distributed to all members at the time of registration.

Although this list could be much longer, here is a summary of key points: casinoclub

* All members must be accepted by the tournament committee.
* Participants must demonstrate fair play whatever the circumstances. Any form of insult, aggressive or irritating, or any other action detrimental to the spirit of friendly competition are prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification.
* The controllers can be present at any round and must be present for the semi-finals and finals. At any time a game, each player can call a

poker titan supervisor to clarify one aspect of the game

* In case of dispute, the game must remain unchanged until a controller is called to make a decision.
* The die should be flat when it falls on the table to the right of the player. If one of the dice is “broken”, both must be rejected. The die must be perfectly motionless before a player can not touch them. They should not be discarded before the previous player has finished his turn. In both cases, the dice must be rejected if these rules are not followed.
* The score: both players must keep score. Both players can decide to start that should keep the score.

In case of dispute, the decision taken by the controller or a member of the committee is final. 21 nova