Backgammon is a game in a few respects comparable to other casino games where luck is often a determining factor. When playing online backgammon is mainly for strategic insight and the outcome will be less dependent on luck. To play it is necessary to be aware of the backgammon rules and purpose of the game.

The backgammon rules would therefore like to extend to be raised and there will be a brief explanation be given on the game board game interesting. Best Online Casino

explanation backgammon

Backgammon is a board game where two opponents against each other for profit and where tactics and strategy are important to the victory to be achieved. The goal of the strategic game as soon as possible their own stones in the thuisvak the backgammon board and then get the board to play. The backgammon board consists of a total of 24 triangular boxes, which also points mentioned. The board game is divided into four quadrants, each with six points available. About half of the game board is the “bar”, which is the separation bar. The players each have a can of “bar” a thuisvak and on the other side a uitvak. The points are numbered from 1 to 24. Each player starts the game with two pieces on the 24 point, three pieces on the 8 point and 5 pieces on the 13 point and the point 6. Party Casino Bonus Code the online backgammon rules require that the player with the highest roll of the dice should start the game. For the purpose of backgammon to achieve, namely to first remove all own pieces of the board’s rules to see how this is possible. First, the stones will be moved to the thuisvak and then the player can start playback of the board of stones.

Online backgammon game rules

Players can only move their own pieces on the board and not those of the opponent. For moving the stone, the outcome of the dice of interest. Stones can only be changed to a point that is open and not occupied by two or more stones of the opponent. It has always allowed a player to a point where its stones are also placing stones. The movement of the stones is done based on the numbers of the dice. It is a choice to the outcome of the dice used to move a stone or a stone to move the outcome of one die and a stone based on the outcome of the other dice. In the first situation, on one throw of a three and a six but there are an open point on the third position or sixth position. In a double outcome, the player two times the stones can move and may be a result of June 6 and the die four times a stone six points shift. The backgammon rules state that a player should always try to maximize the stones to resist, if this is feasible. Should it not be possible to turn a stone for a move, would invalidate the turn of the opponent.

During the course of the backgammon game is that at one point been a stone of the opponent is. In this case, the rock hit another player from the field and reduce the
‘Bar’ locations. The opponent must then first again beaten stone into play in thuisvak of the other players before continuing play. This option can only be the outcome of the dice such that the rocks at an open field can be moved. Otherwise, the player must skip a turn – one of the less fun backgammon game rules.

How to win backgammon?

The end of the game is in sight as all fifteen stones of the player in the thuisvak have ended. To remove the stones starts the player with the stones on the points, which are the outcome of the throw of the dice. If not, then the stones of the higher points moved and they are also missing, it is possible to stones of a lower number than the outcome of the throw to remove. titan poker It can also prevent a player in the thuisvak is beaten and then again the first stone “bar” in the game to be brought before the player can continue to remove the stones from the backgammon board. According to the backgammon rules you win when you first all fifteen stones of the board have played. There is so little difference between discovering the online backgammon rules and the ‘normal’ board game. The backgammon is also a summary explanation, we suggest you just play to try to see it for you.