Tom “durrr” Dwan filed its challenge in an interview for the cover of the February 2009 edition of Bluff Magazine. Dwan would face any opponent (with the exception of his great friend Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond) at four tables simultaneously online No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-limit Omaha with minimum bets of $ 200 / $ 400.  Code Bonus Everest Poker

If at the end of play was above 50 000 hands Dwan any amount, even just a dollar, win $ 500,000. If your opponent was winning, Dwan would pay $ 1.5 million.

With these tasty odds of 3-1 on the table, Patrik Antonius, David Benyamine and Phil Ivey jumped on the opportunity. But Benyamine and Ivey have a long wait ahead, as the first challenge, Dwan vs Antonius is still ongoing ten months after its inception. read more

The first session of “durrr Challenge began on February 18, 2009, with 1541 hands during which Dwan won $ 134,911 to Antonius. Since then, others have fought 45 times, completing up to now 29 764 of its 50,000 hands at $ 200 / $ 400 Pot-Limit Omaha. The score remained relatively steady during the first 12,000 hands before Patrik Antonius began to slowly take advantage of $ 500,000.

However, following 6000 saw Dwan hands dominate the action, and his recovery move from the red to black during the longest and most volatile session with a lot of the challenge, on 19 June Dwan went as high as $ 1.2 million on Antonious, before ending the session 15 hours with a lead of $ 726,000.