After a break of two months played two sessions on August 24 and 25, to then take another break until early October, when they met for a quick meeting. Only have met three times since then, occupying parts of both with “Isildur1” absolute priority.

With Isildur1 on a break from the tables and Dwan again in rebuilding mode of banking, the challenge was finally resumed on December 22, to see Dwan take other $ 225,000 to extend his advantage to $ 937,271 total.

There are still other 20 236 hands in the challenge to see Antonius-durrr, and predict when they will again play or even if they are to end their challenge in this decade is beginning to look as useless as lighting a match in a hurricane.

Many consider it quite the challenge as a major “bust.” Everest Poker

It’s probably your own too much exposure and hype that has been given. Has been a long, slow challenge rather than the giddy heads up that the public wanted to see. People expected to be played in a few days or weeks, and instead the action is with a dropper.

Both players made it clear to the first change that if there is good cash items up these take precedence over the challenge.

Maybe this year was too good for high stakes cash tables at the expense of the challenge, but as a series of television, people still see how it goes week after week in anticipation of an epic season finale save the case.

And when this happens, you can be sure we’ll be there with a front row seat and a bag of popcorn. search for poker in google