Video Poker

Video Poker is offered in many casinos. It should not be confused with the normal poker. The game is usually played on a device that normal slot machines (so-called one-armed bandits) is similar. The first models were introduced in the mid 70s. Video poker became really popular during 80 years, because many players did not dare to play real poker against opponents at one table. Another reason why video poker has become so popular, is probably also because it is relatively easy to learn and play.

Video poker is based on five card draw poker.

The player will be allocated by a random five cards. He can then choose which card they want to keep and which cards he would have gladly exchanged. If the exchange is complete, review the machine which is now located 5 cards. Depending on whether this is a winning combination, the player gets paid money.

Online Video Poker
Of course, meanwhile, also offered on the Internet Online Poker Sites, mostly from online casinos. There are several video poker games, the two are known “Jacks or Better” and “Deuces Wild”. This is no different than normal poker, video poker played against other players. To win, one must reach is not necessarily the best hand, but simply a hand for which you get paid a profit. A payout table on the screen shows the player in how much he gets for certain hands. Translator is needed for example with a “Jacks or Better machine only minimally just a pair of jacks to get a (small) profit. With stronger hands, then rises, of course, the level of payouts. The dream of every player, it is therefore natural to get a Royal Flush (typically pays at least 250 times of deployment, when the maximum amount set in some cases the 1000-fold).

Progressive Jackpot
A traditional video poker machine pays for a Royal Flush from a predefined amount. But if you want to win really a lot of money, you have to play where there is a progressive jackpot. For every game a very small portion of the insert flow into the jackpot. Shall collect at the time a large amount. Then, if a player has the good fortune and a Royal Flush meets, he won the whole amount, which is in the jackpot. This amount can easily be one of several hundred thousand dollars, since often several video poker machines are networked together and form a pool. Of course there is this version on the Internet for online video poker.

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